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Flower Seeds

Flower Seeds

Nicotiana F1 Super Hybrid Mix Seeds


A first-class nicotiana, producing masses of upward-facing flowers that stand up well to sun or rain, and will keep coming over a long period. HHA - Half hardy annual. Height 30-36cm (12-14").
(VALUE HYBRIDS - Hybrid flower seed, as most people know, gives the best results, but because production costs are high, the seed can be quite expensive. In recent years, Suttons have been working hard with flower breeders to find ways of reducing these costs and the result is our extremely popular Value hybrids range of high quality seed at great value prices.)

Price: £2.75 Code: 124583

Delivery: 7 days

Units: Average Packet Content 190 seeds

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Culture: Sow February-April under glass. Flowers June-September.

Sowing Time: February-April

Height: 31-40CM

Flowering: June-September

Hints: Ideal for beds, borders and patio containers. Drought resistant. Prefers full sun.

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