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Flower Seeds

Flower Seeds

Wallflower Cloth of Gold Seeds

A wallflower to bring a bold colour to your beds

Golden yellow. The most popular spring bedding item - very fragrant. Large-flowered and uniform in height and habit. Grow as a hardy biennial. Height 45cm (18").

Click here to see more growing information on Wallflower Cloth of Gold Seeds (18414 kb).

Price: £1.75 Code: 137680

Delivery: 7 days

Units: Average Packet Content 450 seeds

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Culture: Sow May-July outdoors, flowers April-June the following year.

Sowing Time: May-July

Height: 41-50CM

Flowering: April-June

Hints: Ideal for beds and borders. Scented. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

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