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Herb Seeds

Herb Seeds

Herb Seed - Dill Compatto

Ideal for container growing

At around 45cm (18") high, this compact Dill is approximately half the height of regular varieties, making it ideal for a container on the patio.

Price: £1.89 Code: 164723

Delivery: 7 days

Units: Average Packet Content 680 seeds

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Culture: Growing instructions given on packet.

Hints: Experiment with nutritious, health-giving herbs in your kitchen, adding interesting tastes and flavours to hot and cold dishes. Try them in herb vinegars, breads and tisanes, and dry them for use in winter. To dry - gather in sunshine when flowers are just opening. Bunch, and hang upside-down in an airy place or spread out in a very cool oven. When dry, rub coarsely and store in airtight containers.

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