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Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds

Cabbage (Savoy) Ormskirk (1) - Rearguard Seeds

A classic Savoy cabbage

Ormskirk 1 is a classic, tasty Savoy cabbage producing medium-sized round heads. Very hardy, it's a favourite for use from Christmas.

Click here to see more growing information on Cabbage (Savoy) Ormskirk (1) - Rearguard Seeds (18414 kb).

Price: £1.99 Code: 155962

Delivery: 7 days

Units: Average Packet Content 400 seeds

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Culture: Sow thinly direct into a finely raked seedbed at a depth of 13mm (½"). Germination 12-20 days. Transplant with a dibber or trowel when large enough to handle allowing 45cm (18") between plants each way. Grows best in well cultivated soil liberally manured the previous autumn. If the weather is dry water in well when transplanting. Cabbages require lime in the soil for optimum growth so add as necessary.
Sowing to cropping: 32-34 weeks.

Sowing Time: February, March-May or autumn

Hints: HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamins A and C. CULINARY TIPS: Use all the healthy outer, darker green leaves, as they contain most nutrients.

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